We have a variety of special events in the works to honor our YHS Band seniors and our year together!

SENIOR PAPER PLATE AWARDS – each year the underclassmen make small awards to present to our seniors. Awards will be distributed virtually Thursday 6/11 at 1:00 during our Full Band Zoom.

Underclassmen: if there are senior band students that you would like to honor, look for an e-mail from Abbie Ellison and Trevor Griffiths on how you can participate. All awards must be in good taste and appropriate for a school setting.

SENIOR/ALUMNI VIRTUAL ENSEMBLE – Our YHS Band seniors are teaming up with the YHS Band Alumni Association to create a special virtual ensemble project, which will be presented to our YHS Band Family one evening the week of 6/15 via Zoom. Date TBA.

This project has actually been in the works since October! Originally designed by YHS Band senior Abbey Milhaven as a top-secret collaboration to be revealed as a live performance at our spring band concert (Note: It was also secret from me!), now due to the circumstances, her plans needed to be made public.  But, we are excited to move forward with the project in its new form – the silver lining being that a virtual ensemble allows even more alumni to participate! Please join us to celebrate our seniors, and our program.