To our 28 YHS Band students who participated in the virtual NYSSMA festival – I am so very proud of you! You went above and beyond, during a pandemic, to challenge yourself musically. Bravo!

Joseph Aoukar

Raka Bose

Ella Chee

Iva Chee

Alisha Choudhury

Amaan Choudhury

Maddox Gambetta

Maya Grabowski

Ethan Grabowski

Trevor Griffiths

Kevin Griffiths

Mitchell Hayes

Kayla Howell

Krishna Kumanan

James Madden

Michael Munson

Samson Newberger

Renee Nfor

Alexander Olener

Swaroop Pujari

Anthony Rizzo

Chinmay Satpute

Daniel Servo

Edward Stein

Zoe Ulbrich

Esther-Anne Villamin

Julia Whalen

George Whalen

Scores will be available in a few weeks…but please don’t allow that number to define your experience. I’ve heard so much improvement in each of you – you have learned how to practice efficiently, meticulously, and have grown as a musician. THAT is the real value of this experience. Be proud!