The YHS Music Department On-Line Citrus Sale is running through 10/29.

Students will earn 85% of their sales profit, to be put towards their end-of-year musical experience. The remaining 15% of their sales profit will go to their ensemble’s general fund. During checkout customers will be able to select a specific student to receive the sales credit, or you can select the Band Scholarship Fund.

NameSelling PriceTotal Profit (100%)Your Profit (85%) General Fund Profit (15%)
Navels & Marmalade – Gift Box (NMHC)$20.00$5.05 $4.29$.76
Navel Orange – 2 Trays – 22 Oranges (2N)$30.00$10.50$8.93$1.58
Navel Orange – 3 Trays – 33 Oranges (3N)$40.00$11.00$9.35$1.65
Pink Grapefruit – 2 Tray – 15 Grapefruit (2R)$30.00$12.50$10.63$1.88
Pink Grapefruit – 3 Tray – 23 Grapefruit (3R)$40.00$13.00$11.05$1.95
Navel & Pink Grapefruit Mixed – 2 Trays – 12 Navels + 10 Grapefruit (2NR)$30.00$8.00$6.80$1.20
Navel & Pink Grapefruit Mixed – 3 Trays – 18 Navels + 15 Grapefruit (3NR)$40.00$9.00$7.65$1.35

Orders are harvested the very same day they are shipped, ensuring that the fruit is the freshest possible. Each box is shipped at a flat rate of $7.95. Our website is accepting orders until 10/29/21. All orders will be delivered in time for the holiday season. If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting our Bands, please share the following information.

YHS Concert Band online store:

YHS Wind Ensemble online store:


If you are interested in ordering a box to donate to a local food pantry, there are two options:

1.   If you have a specific pantry in mind, order a box delivered to your home and then drop it off at the pantry of your choice.

2.   The Community Food Pantry at St. Mary’s church in Mohegan Lake will take orders shipped directly to them. Information and directions are attached.