Wind Ensemble Saxophones Lesson Homework

Lesson Date Warm Up Technical Exercises Etude Band Music Other Next Lesson
11/5Lip Slurs 3 and 4, then practice tuning with a tunerJoy Ride: 64-end at q=84+. Peter and the Wolf: All.Joy Ride: Please help the horn section run 54-59 before class each day.Wed 11/13, p.3 (with CB), CONOR please attend Tues. 11/12 p.7 with Low Brass
10/29/19Lip Slurs 3 and 4All of Peter and the Wolf, focus on the "squiggly" hunters rhythms. m1-84 Joyride, 64-84 is new.Tue 11/5, p. 2
9/25/192 octave F and Eb Concert scales memorized at q=100Sax Eb/C Concert Etude for video assessment at q=100Thur 10/3, p. 3
9/18/19Lip Slur #2 @ q=60, Memorize F and Eb Concert scales in the pattern at q=100F Concert Sax Etude at q=100 Wed 9/25, p.2
9/13/19Long Tone #1 @ q=60Lip Slur #2 @ q=60Memorize the F Concert, Bb Concert, and Eb Concert ScalesWed 9/18, p.7
Bring supplies. Other than that no homework yet!Friday, 9/13/2019, Period 5